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Local 174

 From Your Comunicator/Trustee/Webmaster

Verl Daiker, BEP Fort Worth, Texas

To Present and Future IAM Members:

  We at Local Lodge 174 would like to invite you to join us and be active in making your workplace better. It's clear -- union-represented workers across the nation enjoy better average wages and benefits, better and safer working conditions, and rights that non-union workers simply do not have. We believe that all people from all types of work places deserve the right to have union representation on the job. You have the right to a voice in your workplace..
  We are here to assist and support you in every way we can, but it is up to you and your co-workers to make your organizing campaign successful. After all, you are the ones who know the issues that have either impaired you in doing your job or have stripped away the dignity and respect that you deserve.
  For more information, please email me at :verl.daiker@bep.treas.gov" or phone me at 817-847-3601.

Why Have a Union?

We asked some of the active members of LL174 to write a short message about why they like having a union. Here are some of their answers:

  I like the unity of being in a union. Like they say, 'United we stand, divided we fall.’

The union means freedom from harassment, and better wages and benefits.”

 “Union workers have better wages and benefits than nonunion workers.  “To become a union member is to get ahead and get better pay and benefits, and to reach the goal to be a middle class worker with less struggle for you and your family.”

 “When you belong, you never stand alone.”  “Without a union, you stand on your own. With a union, you’ve got brothers and sisters to stand by you. You don’t always win your fights, but your chances of winning are a lot better when you stand together.”

 “Unionists stick together and support each other through thick and thin, in good times and bad times. Together we can fight for equality for all.”

“With a union, you are a family rather than the boss pitting one employee against another. Everybody is treated equally.” “The union ensures fair working conditions, with better wages and benefits.”

 “You’re always better off with a union backing you. I’ve been in a shop without one and if the company doesn’t want to listen to you, you have no recourse.”

 “Try it, you’ll like it! I know some of you guys in non-union shops, and you really need a union!”

 “You have a choice in the way you live. With a union, you open the door to many different ways to help yourself, your co-workers and your community. For every fight, there is a cost – but the result is choice and freedom.”

 “Without a union, it’s you against the company. What do you suppose your chances are?”

For more good information on joining a union go to this web site:WHY WE JOIN A UNION MONEY.

That’s the bottom line in the world of work! And union members make a lot more money than non-union employees, U.S. government figures show.

Union members earn 28% more than non-union workers in wages alone, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. (If you include the value of benefits, it’s 36% more!)

People in lower paying jobs gain even more from union bargaining power. Paychecks for women with a union contract are 30% higher than for women without a union. African-American union members make 37% more than their non-union counterparts. For Hispanic union members, wages are 55% higher!

So that’s the bottom line – joining the IAM puts thousands more dollars into your pocket, year after year. It’s a no-brainer! Joining the IAM is the smartest financial move you can make.

The mission of the IAM has always been clear and unequivocal---to professionally negotiate contracts that guarantee secure, well-paying jobs which members can perform in safe workplaces where they would be free from harassment or intimidation. Industry-leading contracts are the IAM's premier benefit IAM agreements are tops in:

Wage Increases
Paid Time Off
Job Security
Retirement Benefits
Where IAM Members Work

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